Annex B (includes Annex J):  ADSL over ISDN and "all digital" ADSL
RSA-4122/RSA-4122W firmware for use with Annex B hardware.

Check the serial number label or the unit's Device Info web page
to make
sure that your unit is an "Annex B" hardware version.
(Main board: RSA-M1 Rev1.x-B)

Download 4.06L.02-1426 Annex B firmware

RSA-series SNMP MIB file

Download RSA-series MIB file


After loading new firmware, it may be neccesary to reload the page in the web browser in order
to update the html parts that are stored in the web browser's cache.
If the unit's web interface remains in cache then any new menu items will not be displayed.