Baseband-DSL modems
Baseband modems can be used on unconditioned copper lines or other metallic wires and use a much bigger part of the frequency spectrum for modulation than Voiceband modems. Therefore much higher data rates and bandwidths can be achieved. The reach of a baseband modem depends on the frequency band of the modulation, and line length and wire gauge of the cable used.
MuLogic uses DSL technology for its Ethernet bridging baseband modems in order to get the highest possible data rates in the lowest possible bandwidth in order to achieve maximum range.

ADSL/VDSL2 routers
A pair of MuLogic ADSL modem-routers can be used for transparant Layer2 Ethernet bridging using public ADSL or VDSL2 connections. The Ethernet link is transported over an encrypted VPN path. MuLogic xDSL modem-routers can also be used in combination with MuLogic Cellular wireless WAN modems to form an Ethernet bridge.