UCF-30  Card frame 



The UCF-30 is a 7HE, 19" universal card frame for devices of the MuLogic Eurocard series . It can be used as a stand-alone housing and can also be mounted in a 19" cabinet. 

The card frame can house up to 30 DCE devices such as the UCM series. At the front, the frame is divided into 32 positions: 30 (5TE, 3HE) for the DCE devices and 2 (9TE, 3HE) for the Power Supply Units (PSUs). At the back, the frame is divided into 16 positions: 15 (5TE, 6HE) for the DTE interface boards and 1 (9TE, 6HE) for the PSU connection and rack controller board. At the centre of the frame a "midplane" is positioned via which the power for the devices, the central control bus and auxiliary control and data lines are distributed.  

The DTE interface boards, at the back of the frame, connect to the midplane.  
The DCE devices, in turn, are connected to the interface boards.  
At the DTE interface boards the card frame's internal distributed double power line of 24 Volts is converted into the voltages needed by the Interface board itself and the connected DCE devices.  
Upon power-up or insertion of a DCE the interface board informs the DCE of its position (slot number) within the frame. This slot number is used for central control (NMS) of DCE devices. 

When two 2 Power Supply Units are mounted, the load of the PSUs is automatically shared. Each PSU has a dedicated mains voltage inlet. This enables the use of multiple mains power groups or operation from two different power sources (such as e.g. 230 Volts AC and 48 Volts DC)  

Technical specifications 

  • Dimensions: 311 x 449 x 410 mm (H x W x D) 
  • Weight: approx. 7.5 kg (without cards and PSUs) 
  • Ventilation: Internal quadruple fan-unit
  • Colour: RAL7035 and RAL 7030
  • Power supply: 115 .. 230 VAC (-20 / +15%)  (Other PSUs available on request)
  • Power consumption: 200 W Max.

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