RSA series 2.1

Release 2.2 is now available: click here for the version 2.2 pages

Important notes:

Units that are equipped with 4G WWAN modules with software version 04.004 or newer, will
require RSA-series firmware versions 2.1-4138 or newer.
This concerns all units produced after July 1, 2019 with serial numbers 49000 and up.
The standard version 2.1-4398 firmware will not fit in older units with 8MB flash.
When loading this file you will be notified.
For these units use version 2.1-4398.2 (without OSPF support)

Latest software release: 2.1-4398 (November 24, 2020) Release notes


RSA-4222, RSA-4222W3, RSA-4222W4 Download
RSA-4122, RSA-4122W3, RSA-4122W4 Download
RSA-1220M, RSA-1220W3, RSA-1220W4 Download
RSA-1120M, RSA-1120W3, RSA-1120W4 Download
RSA-1020DW3, RSA-1020DW4, RSA-1020DW1 Download
RSA-1220D Download
RSA-1120D Download

RSA-4122, RSA-4122W3, RSA-4122W4 with 8MB flash memory (no OSPF) Download

Firmware archive

RSA-series data sheets Download

RSA-series web configuration guide Download

RSA-4222/RSA-4122 hardware and startup guide Download

RSA-1220/RSA-1120 hardware and startup guide Download

RSA-series RADIUS attributes Download
RSA-series SNMP MIB file
The MIB file is now added to the firmware and can be downloaded via the
Management>Access services>SNMP page of the unit’s web interface.


1. After loading new firmware, it may be neccesary to reload the page in the web
browser in order to update the html content that is stored in the web browser’s
cache. If the unit’s web interface remains in the web browser’s cache then any
new menu items may not be displayed.

2. When upgrading from RSA-4122(W) version 1 software to version 2 software,
the settings of the version 1 software will not be used (but will remain stored on
the system as back-up).
For running with the V2 software, a new configuration will have to be made, which
means that you cannot do the upgrade from a remote location over any of the WAN