RSA Series 2.2


Software Version 2.2

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For V2.2, parts of the linux kernel have been re-written in order to support
‘xfrm interfaces’ that enable route-based IPsec. Route-based IPsec offers
IP interfaces as tunnel end-points that can be handled by the normal routing
table and by routing protocols.

The control software for the WWAN modules has been completely re-written
in order to support new and future WWAN modules without affecting the
operation of the existing and older WWAN modules in the field. Also support
for Dual-SIM versions and external (MuLogic) WWAN modems has been added.
The SNMP agent has been extended with several OIDs for the managment of
WWAN modems and connections.

With the introduction of Version 2.2, a new version numbering scheme is used.
Where for versions 2.0 and 2.1 the format was <mayor version number>.
<minor version number>-<build number> like 2.1-4398, with the change to
using Git instead of SVN as version control system, the format now is
<mayor version number>.<minor version number>.<revision number>
like 2.2.0, which is the first release.

Latest software release: 2.2.11 (Dec 20, 2022)

Release notes 

Firmware download



  • Firmware archive Open
  • RSA-series data sheets Download
  • RSA-series web configuration guide for V2.2  Download
  • RSA-4222/RSA-4122 hardware and startup guide Download
  • RSA-1220/RSA-1120 hardware and startup guide Download


After loading new firmware, it may be neccesary to reload the page in the web
browser in order to update the html content that is stored in the web browser’s
cache. If the unit’s web interface remains in the web browser’s cache then new
menu items may not be displayed.

RSA-series SNMP MIB file

The MIB file is now added to the firmware and can be downloaded via the
Management>Access services>SNMP page of the unit’s web interface.

RSA-series RADIUS attributes, see below:

					# -*- text -*-
# dictionary.mulogic
# Version:      $Id$

VENDOR          MuLogic                 1756

# MuLogic-Login-Role: "admin", "webadmin", "operator", "audit", "updater"


ATTRIBUTE       MuLogic-Login-Role                      1       string

END-VENDOR      MuLogic